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we take ideas and turn them into reality. like a reliable wrench, we do any job, end to end, big or small.


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We fix problems means we will take care of any situation our customers have. Any time of day, anywhere. We believe that we are a solutions company, so we don't point fingers. Even if it's not our problem we figure out a way to solve it.

Eagle Chemical Company Hydraulics Review

Eagle chemical shutdown the manufacturing side of their plant for several years and moth balled their production facility. We were called in to review their hydraulic system and to give them our recommendations to bring the facilities back online.

First Mate Productions Steering & Propulsion System

There are all kinds of problems that we face on a daily basis. Some we have seen before and some are one of a kind situations. This was one of those. Gulf Coast Air & Hydraulics was contacted by a company in California, “First Mate Productions”. This is a company that does marine work for the movie industry. We were told that Disney was making a series of Pirate movies based on their Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Disney World in Orlando Florida.

Helping Seacor International in Brazil

It was early May and we had just finished a large project on a 210 ft. Offshore Oil Supply Vessel, the M/V Columbus owned and operated by Seacor International. The boat built by Master Boat Builders of Bayou La Batre Alabama had delivered on time. A very rare task in today’s world but Master Boats is well known for their on time deliveries. This was very critical in this case since the Columbus had already been contracted on a long-term job off the coast of Macae Brazil.

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