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Eagle Chemical Co. Hydraulics Review

Hydraulics Review

Eagle chemical shutdown the manufacturing side of their plant for several years and moth balled their production facility. We were called in to review their hydraulic system and to give them our recommendations to bring the facilities back online. Gulf Coast Air & Hydraulics went out and met with Mike Jones the plant manger to discuss the task at hand.

We discovered their hydraulic tubing was rusted, with many pin holes down the production line. We went in and did a complete demo job of all the tubing and mounting brackets along with all of the hydraulic hoses. Once the demo was done we ran all new mounts for the tubing and made new stands to support the tubing better on the longer runs to keep it more rigid.


New vs. Repaired Cylinders

We brought all cylinders back to our repair facility for tear down and inspection. In our first production meeting we recommended new cylinders by showing the customer the advantages of replacing vs. repairing. They decided to replace them all.

New Control Valves

In such a caustic environment we discovered the hydraulic control valves had severe rusting externally and could not be repaired. The bad valves were identified and replaced.

“We are very pleased with Gulf Coast’s
knowledge and safety procedures.”
Mike Jones, Plant Manager

New Hydraulic Pump

The other issue we had was to go into the hydraulic power unit and test the electric motor and make sure that the motor was performing within factory specs. The motor was fine but the hydraulic pump was not. We recommended upgrading the pump to a new version to ensure the customer would be able to get a new one off the shelf in the event of malfunction. After all changes were made and tested the GCAH crew, Eagle plant manager, and other maintenance personel started the system, set pressures, and prepared the system for production.

A Very Satisfied Customer

Instead of condemning the entire system, GCAH was able to surgically identify and repair the problems. As a result Eagle Chemical was able to get back into production quickly and at a significantly lower cost.

Eagle Chemical Company has been producing various grades of Silica Gel in Mobile, Alabama since 1953. These grades can be blended for specific applications and packaged in a wide variety of containers from supersacks, drums, pails and cans. Eagle Chemical is capable to customize applications to meet customer requirements.

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